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Posted over 5 years ago by Rowena Trim

Let's rally the next three weeks to recruit new members from all across the Nation. Think about your nursing school colleagues who you could invite to join NBNA. Call or email your current nursing colleagues or those who you have worked with in the past. Remember the nurses that you met at your last networking event? How about asking them to join NBNA. What about asking those fantastic speakers at the conferences you have attended to become a member of NBNA. Send this email. The nurses do not have to join your chapter. But, it would be great for you to get the credit, so ask them to sign your name on the "Recruited by" line.

The membership campaign for 2016 is set and ready to go. This year's theme is: "NBNA: Today, Tomorrow, and for a Lifetime". The campaign runs through
May 15, 2016. I challenge each of you to recruit at least one member.

We have many competitive prizes that will be awarded at the conference in Memphis, Tennessee, August 2-7, 2016, Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel, Memphis, TN. I would love to present your chapter with the highest retention award or the largest chapter in a category award. As a member you can receive the highest number of members recruited honor, the most students recruited or most lifetime members recruited. Remember, even if you recruit a member to join another chapter, you will receive the credit. Every member that recruits a member will receive the, "I RECRUITED A NURSE FOR NBNA"ribbon at the conference.

The Membership Committee of the National Black Nurses Association,Inc. is thrilled to initiate this initiative. But, it can only be successful with your contribution of recruiting new members. Today, Tomorrow, and for a Lifetime NBNA depends on you. Membership is everyone's responsibility. Chapter leaders, your roles are extremely significant as well as the members.

All members are asked to complete the chapter's 2016 membership application. The application has been reviewed and contains key information that can be used in the NBNA Membership database.

2016 Membership Campaign Letter
2016 Membership Campaign
NBNA Membership Application
NBNA Online Membership Application

Thank you in advance,

Lola Denise Jefferson

Lola Denise Jefferson, BSN, RNC, CVRN
NBNA 1st Vice President
NBNA Membership Chair